Membership Meeting has been rescheduled to

Monday, August 7th @ 7PM.




 Connecticut Coast Line Discount Offers extended to MRYBC


Ed Abdelnour has been able to get the club some discounts for August at the following Marinas:


Bruce & Johnsons in Bradford  - 25% Discount Saturday and Sunday,  August 15th and 16th


Essex Island Marina in Essex - 25% Discount Tuesday through Thursday,  August 18th - August 20th


Please contact Ed at for Discount Codes and any questions you may have. 



The MRBYC Board of Governors met recently to discuss a numbers of issues facing the club during the pandemic.

It was decided that a membership meeting would be held on Monday August 3rd. The meeting will be held in the parking lot. As always, social distancing will be required.

It was agreed that, due to potential problems arising from deck usage, some new rules needed to be implemented. Effective immediately, deck occupancy will be limited to 30 people. Any overflow of that number will be required to use the area in front of the deck, or go use the Ferris Dock. Further to that requirement, groups will be limited to a maximum of 6 people.

Members are now limited to 4 guests at one time. A member is defined as the individual who is registered as the voting member of the club. In simplest terms, families have 1 member.

Rentals are available for weekdays only. Total occupancy for any rental will be 30 people.

The clubhouse is still off limits except for restroom use.

It’s very important that everyone respect and abide by these new rules. Town officials and town employees are visiting various facilities (ours included) to check for compliance with town pandemic rules and guidelines. Make no mistake, we could very easily lose our deck usage “privileges”. A disregard for social distancing by a small group could cause problems for the club as a whole. The actions of each and every individual impacts the future enjoyment of our club by every other member.

 Please be respectful of these rules. They’re not just for following town guidelines, but even more importantly, they are for everyone’s safety. Although the virus has slowed in our area, it doesn’t take much to change that. We’ve come so far, let’s not screw up now. This virus is real and it’s real dangerous!

Stay safe, social distance, no more than 6 to a group, 4 guests per membership, and no more than 30 on the deck.

Thank You
MRBYC Board of Governors






 Thanks For Visiting MRBYC 



Upcoming Events 

 Monthly Membership Meeting Monday, August 7th @ 7:00PM

 Meeting will be held in the parking lot with social distancing guidelines in effect. Chairs will be spaced accordingly. 

Please  bring a chair and remember your mask in the event you can not maintain a safe distance from others.  


Due To Covid 19 All Club Events have been Postponed or Cancelled Until Further Notice