Dear Members,
I just wanted to send out a quick note to let everyone know what is going on as regards to our club.  As most of you know, the dock is now open for the season.

I just spoke with our First Selectman and I'm pleased to announce that we can now begin to use our deck. That being said, we need to continue to practice social distancing. This is especially important as we could lose this deck "privilege" if we're found to be practicing unsafe conduct.

Please everybody, maintain the recommended guidelines. Your conduct not only reflects on us all as a club, but could jeopardize any and all future "softening" of rules pertaining to all of us. Please keep in mind that our individual actions impact each and every member, as well as any future town rules and regulations pertaining to our use of our facilities.

Although we are technically not allowed to use our clubhouse, Fred agreed that members enjoying the deck will need restroom facilities. To this end, we will be activating the electronic door locks so that members can enter the clubhouse for restroom use. The clubhouse is open ONLY for restroom use. Only ONE person at a time will be allowed in the clubhouse. Absolutely no congregating inside the clubhouse. Entry into the clubhouse will require two things: membership key card and mask. Absolutely no entry without mask!

We are currently in the process of sanitizing the clubhouse. ServPro is handling this task for us. The deck can be used immediately, and the club restrooms will be available for use beginning this Saturday May 23. As deck space will be greatly limited due to social distancing, we ask that members try to limit the number of non-member guests. Remember that the deck is for all members to use so let's be courteous and try to make sure that no one group is taking over the whole deck. Please position your groups in such a way that maximizes room for others.

We all need to stay safe and practice safe social conduct. We also need to be courteous to others and thoughtful in our actions and use of our facilities. 

Remember: enter the clubhouse only for restroom use; one person in clubhouse at a time; and, MASKS ARE MANDATORY in the clubhouse.

It's been a long haul and the sacrifices we've made need to continue. The virus threat is still very much with us. Let's not let down our defenses after we've come so far!
Let's all be kind, thoughtful and courteous.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Stay healthy
Bob Harris




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